Since many of the original parts were no longer available, Jimmy considered having them made. As tail light bezels had deteriorated on virtually all Metropolitans, Jimmy decided to start with those. In 1975, he located the manufacturer in England that had made the original tail light bezels. The company found the old molds, but the minimum number they would run was 5,000. Jimmy took a financial gamble, having no idea how big the demand would be, and placed the order. That was the turning point... what had been a hobby blossomed into a business.

The Valentines began having parts manufactured, which involved the expensive process of creating new molds and dies. They also had many parts remade by the original manufacturers. Cartons of car parts and accessories were now stacking up in the lobby and hallways of the recording studios. After 25 years in the recording business, it was phased out as Jimmy and Eve spent more and more time with the Metropolitan venture.

Over the next several years, Jimmy developed a complete inventory of Metropolitan parts, reaching the goal of being able to offer a replacement part for every component of the car.

Along the way, the Valentines purchased a group of buildings to house the vast inventory of parts. Further expanding the business, a full-service garage was added for repairing and restoring Metropolitans, as well as for conducting research and development on new parts production.

Today, Jimmy is still at the helm, directing the staff and developing new parts. He enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of Metropolitans and their history while guiding tours of the Metropolitan Museum, adjacent to the Metropolitan Pit Stop. Eve retired in 2002 and has passed the baton to their daughter, June.

When June first saw her parents' Metropolitan in 1973, she was smitten and decided she wanted one, too. She eventually acquired her own Metropolitan in 1979, shortly after learning to drive. June was a Legal Administrator for over ten years and brings significant office management experience to the Metropolitan Pit Stop.