The Metropolitan Pit Stop has been featured in many magazine and newspaper articles.  It has also been featured on television, with coverage on CNN, NBC and the program "Wild About Wheels" - Episode No. 61.
The following are excerpts from various magazine and newspaper articles:

Sunset Magazine, January 2000:

Valentine's North Hollywood facility on Laurel Canyon Boulevard represents a perfect shrine to the car culture. It is a combination…auto parts warehouse and Nash Metropolitan museum. Under a glitter-flecked stucco ceiling, there's…a vintage bumper car and a couch in fiberglass, the mold taken from the back end of a Metropolitan - complete with flashing brake lights.

Valentine displays eight Metropolitans in the museum, including the Astra-Gnome, a car of the future from 1955 with a Jetson-styled bubble hatch. It was made for the 1956 New York International Auto Show.

Because (Metropolitan) parts were hard to find, he started stockpiling them…eventually, he began having parts manufactured, and he now serves Metropolitan owners worldwide.

"This has…become a cult car, especially among people interested in art," says Valentine. "If you're after attention, you'll get it in this." - Matthew Jaffe

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