Whether you have just acquired a Metropolitan or brought your existing Met out of a lengthy storage, you’ll have some decisions to make, based on the condition of your car. 

First, you’ll need to ascertain if repairs are necessary to safely operate your Met. Then you’ll want to determine what repairs are essential for smooth handling and optimum performance. Cosmetic improvements will be an additional consideration. You may also want to think about any modifications required for your driving comfort.

One of the services we offer is a complete diagnostic inspection. For a modest fee, we’ll examine your Met and provide you with an assessment of your car’s components, including an itemized estimate for whatever repairs we recommend.

We rebuild engines, transmissions, all mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components, install weatherseal and glass – using correct, new parts. We handle body repairs and painting as well as rechroming and upholstery.

Working on a Met

Our mechanics work exclusively on Metropolitans, possessing specialized knowledge of all aspects of the car. There is no guesswork. We have all parts in stock, enabling us to get the job done quickly and efficiently.